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Program Notes for Martha Redbone Roots Proejct by Aimée M. Petrin

Dear Friends, Thank you for joining us this evening. You are in for a special performance in a venue new for Ovations, First Parish Church, chosen for its sense of history and its practice of being welcoming to all. Martha Redbone – award-winning vocalist, composer, songwriter, storyteller – is an artist for the millennium. One … Read more

Program Notes for MOMIX by Aimée M. Petrin

Dear Friends, Welcome to the magical world of MOMIX where things are not always as they seem. Bodies curl and unfold to reveal ethereal, ephemeral beings and shapes or, in this case, the surreal wonderland inhabited by Alice and her friends. MOMIX’s “Alice” is a wonderful portal into the world of dance, with Alice and … Read more

Program Notes for Jerusalem Quartet by Aimée M. Petrin

Dear Friends, Welcome to the first performance of Portland Ovations’ 93rd season. You are amongst those experiencing a very special program in a very special space. From the artistry and historical significance of the program to the joyful partnerships and collaborations to moving out into the community to bring music to new and unexpected venues … Read more

A look back at the 2022-23 season

Ovations kickstarted our 92nd season with Garba360, a free-to-the-public lively and immersive community dance party. This unique event invited all to enjoy the spirited Indian Gujarati folk dances of garba and raas.  In October, we welcomed audiences for three performances of the timeless, award-winning musical, CHICAGO. Roxie Hart continues to razzle and dazzle along with … Read more

Program Notes for Miró Quartet and Soprano Karen Slack by Aimée M. Petrin

Dear Friends, As I write this, I am watching the Facebook Live presentation of #KikiKonversations – a virtual series created by soprano Karen Slack and featuring composer/artivist Daniel Bernard Roumain in conversation. Together, they are talking about their lives and professions as Black musicians in the mostly white world of classical music. (You can watch the recording on Youtube by … Read more

Staff Picks!

Portland Ovations Staff

Staff picks is a fun time of the season where each staff member at Portland Ovations writes about an upcoming performance they’re most excited about. We work very hard to bring these productions to you throughout the season and often get just as excited as our audiences to see these artists live on stage. Scroll … Read more

Program Notes for Preservation Hall Jazz Band by Aimée M. Petrin

Dear Friends, It’s always great music, wonderful energy and a touch of the New Orleans spirit when the Preservation Hall Jazz Band rolls into town.  Despite their longevity and name, the band is not stagnant or resting on their laurels. This latest line-up includes next-generation members, including bandleader Ben Jaffe, son of Allan Jaffe, who co-founded the venue and … Read more

Program Notes for Farruquito: “Flamenco Íntimo” by Aimée M. Petrin

Dear Friends, For decades, Portland Ovations has shared the world’s artistic traditions with audiences in Maine. Tonight’s performance, with renowned flamenco artist Farruquito is exactly what we espouse to in the presentation of artists from around the globe: a mix of both the traditional and the contemporary. Juan Manuel Fernandez Montoya, aka Farruquito, was born in Seville, Spain in … Read more

Here’s to a great season!

Ovations’ 91st season is officially wrapped. Wow, we did it. And by “we” – we mean all of us. Because there is no live performance without you. Over the past 10 months, across 11 venues, more than 23,000 experienced 36 live performances. Seven of these performances were free and in public spaces. Five were dedicated … Read more