Board of Directors

Sayad Moudachirou

Sayad Moudachirou (he/him)

Board Member since 2021

Sayad Moudachirou, a guiding force at London Economics International LLC, is more than a managing consultant — he is a catalyst for change in the energy landscape. Specializing in the power sector, Sayad advises utilities, regulatory authorities, and developers on policy, operational, and strategic intricacies. His dynamic leadership shines through roles spanning compliance and management services for small hydropower plants in the Northeast. Beyond the titles, Sayad’s strengths in due diligence, strategy, and management activities underscore his commitment to shaping a sustainable, strategic future. In each endeavor, Sayad’s influence is a testament to the transformative power he brings to all areas of leadership. 

Mary Allen Lindemann (she/her)

Board Member since 2017

Mary Allen Lindemann, a luminary leader in business and philanthropy, brings over three decades of expertise as a co-founder and owner of Coffee By Design. As a dynamic and prolific force in Maine’s economy, she shapes the coffee industry as a value-driven, community-engaged endeavor. Beyond coffee, Mary Allen’s prowess as a relationship builder, people connector, and storyteller underscores her dedication to corporate citizenship. A stalwart supporter of progressive arts and community initiatives, she has championed countless philanthropic causes with fervor. Engaged with the International Women’s Coffee Alliance and various boards, Mary Allen’s commitment extends to serving as a Board Member and Past Board Chair of Ovations. Yet, her most cherished title? Mom to her 18-year-old, Alina.

Peter Genova

Peter Genova (he/him)

Vice President
Board Member since 2021

Originally from Portland, Peter Genova enthusiastically joined the Ovations board in 2020. His dual identity as a healthcare economist and musician propels his commitment to fostering a unique blend of both health equity and creative expression. Peter cherishes the chance to contribute to an organization dedicated to community well-being through diverse performing arts experiences. Having returned to Portland in 2011, he shares a vibrant life with his wife Lauren, daughter Claire, and a menagerie of pets. Beyond family and work, Peter’s passions extend to skiing, cooking, and immersing himself in the captivating world of contemporary fiction. His multifaceted lived experiences enrich both Ovations and the Greater Portland community.

Mike Stillings

Michael F. Stillings (he/him)

Board Member since 2013

Mike Stillings, a principal and tax services director at Baker Newman Noyes, brings specialized expertise in corporate and partnership tax matters. Over his extensive career, Mike has provided invaluable accounting and consulting services to many businesses and individual owners. Beyond the financial realm, Mike is a dedicated enthusiast of live music and theater, infusing his professional rigor with a vibrant passion for the arts. Residing in Cumberland with his wife Dawn and their cherished dog, Daisy, Mike takes pride in being the father of two adult children. His unwavering commitment to both financial acumen and cultural enrichment amplifies his integral role within the Ovations community. 

Rachael Alfond

Rachael Alfond (she/her)

Board Member since 2019

Rachael Alfond’s roots run deep, having been cultivated on a sustainably managed tree farm in central Maine by her back-to-the-land parents. Raised amidst a rich tapestry of culture, practices, performances, and traditions, Rachael’s journey into the arts began in Bangor where she honed her skills with professional theater companies. A fervent Shakespeare enthusiast, she partook in the inaugural Maine Shakespeare Festival. After her studies at Ithaca College, Rachael returned to Maine, joining Acorn Productions’ Naked Shakespeare Company. Beyond the stage, Rachael wears many hats—a yoga and movement teacher, a nature enthusiast, often found hiking or volunteering for nonprofits, and a devoted parent and partner. Rachael savors the arts, baking, and exploring the world and, in an alternate reality, envisions herself as a globetrotting travel writer, celebrating the interconnectedness of people, cultures, music, and art.

Mike Boyson

Mike Boyson (he/him)

Board Member since 2008

Mike Boyson, a committed member of the Ovations board for numerous years, hails from Bangor. A 1976 Colby College graduate, his unique journey has woven through the construction business, Peace Corps service, and tenure with the United Nations Development Programme in West Africa. Settling in Portland in 1983, Mike embarked on a 38-year career running a wealth management business at Morgan Stanley, culminating in his recent retirement. Affectionately known as Boyson to Ovations staff, he ardently supports arts programs, envisioning a serene departure during a poignant Ovations performance, featuring the illustrious singer/songwriter/actor Tom Waits. Mike’s enduring dedication and unique aspirations exemplify his integral role in the Ovations community.

Genius Black

Genius Black (he/him)

Board Member since 2023

Genius Black, also known as Jerry Edwards, is warmly regarded as a versatile creative force in South Portland, Maine. For over two decades he has seamlessly woven music, photography, and podcasting into a captivating and multidisciplinary career in the arts. Genius spearheads GEM CITY, an impassioned creative collective that advocates for the convergence of art, culture, and Maine’s distinctive identity. This March saw the release of “GEM CITY 2,” an album testament to his creative prowess. Hosting the “Maine’s Black Future” podcast, Genius pays homage to the state’s Black history and BIPOC leaders. A Bowdoin College graduate in Africana Studies, he directly champions social justice through activism, and recently completed an Artist in Residency Program at SPACE.

Maile Buker

Maile Buker (she/her)

Board Member since 2022

Maile Buker, a Fractional Chief Marketing Officer with Chief Outsiders, navigates the corporate landscape with finesse and collaborates with CEOs across diverse industries. Her transformative marketing leadership extends from small-scale enterprises to major brands, shaping iconic identities, resolving challenges, and fostering growth. A seasoned professional, Maile excels in communication, strategic thinking, and cultivating exceptional consumer experiences. Formerly the V.P. of Marketing at Hannaford Supermarkets, she now contributes her expertise to the Maine Lobster Marketing Collaborative and Creative Portland boards. Engaged with Ovations since relocating from Portsmouth, NH, where she served on the Portsmouth Music Hall board, Maile epitomizes dedication to both business and the arts.

Ken Grady

Ken Grady (he/him)

Board Member since 2022

Ken Grady, IDEXX’s Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer since February 2016, spearheads global IT strategy, applying technology strategically across the organization. Joining IDEXX in 2014, he elevated the company’s systems and services, fortifying its technological architecture for sustained growth. With a history of driving innovation, Ken previously directed IT and served as CIO at New England BioLabs and led Business Analytics & Commercial IT at Novartis Vaccines and Diagnostics. A dedicated Ovations board member, Ken’s commitment extends beyond technology, having served in the U.S. Army as a linguist and translator and more recently chaired Educate Maine’s board. His multifaceted contributions are a testament to his deep-seated commitment to both technological advancement and community service.

Nate Henry

Nate Henry (he/him)

Board Member since 2023

Bangor-born, Nate Henry’s journey from the northern reaches to Southern Maine unfolded as he pursued studies in Sustainable Business and Economics at the University of Southern Maine. His academic tenure sparked a passion for entrepreneurship, further kindled by an internship with the Maine Small Business Advising & Training. Amidst his studies, Nate stayed connected to the arts, attending performances at the State Theatre, and backing musician friends performing at the local Portland arts venue Blue. Currently, serving as a Small Business Relationship Manager at Bangor Savings Bank, Nate seamlessly blends technical expertise with inventive problem-solving, contributing to the success of businesses and embodying the synergy between commerce and culture.

Corey Hinton

Corey Hinton (he/him)

Board Member since 2023

Corey Hinton, leader of Drummond Woodsum’s Tribal Nations Practice Group, is a beacon of expertise in federal Indian law, the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act, employment issues, and economic development. Hailing from the Passamaquoddy Tribe, Corey‘s profound understanding and experience extends to natural resource management, steering impactful Improved Forest Management (IFM) projects. Instrumental in the Passamaquoddy Tribe’s achievement of an IFM recognized for removing 3.8 million tons of greenhouse gases, Corey combines legal acumen with environmental stewardship. Beyond legal realms, he champions Indigenous and marginalized communities, advising on governance, fundraising, and program development. Corey stands as a guiding force in both legal advocacy and uplifting communities.  

Jamie Isaacson

Jamie Isaacson (he/him)

Board Member since 2020

Jamie Isaacson, co-producer of The North Atlantic Blues Festival since 1994, orchestrates an annual music extravaganza in Rockland, Maine, featuring national artists. A pivotal figure in Portland’s music scene, he co-created and co-owned the Portland House of Music. Beyond his musical pursuits, Jamie’s philanthropic spirit thrives. A seasoned pianist for The Blues Prophets, he also co-presides over the Maine Jewish Film Festival, serves on boards for Ovations, PortTIX, and The Hill Arts. As the co-campaign chair for a new performance space at The Hill Arts, Jamie excels in crafting innovative programs, enriching the cultural landscape and underscoring his commitment to artistic excellence.

Jack Lufkin

Jack Lufkin (he/him)

Board Member since 2020

Jack Lufkin, a recognized collaborative leader in Southern Maine, leverages decades of banking and community development experience to provide invaluable insights to the business community. As the guiding force at Machias Savings Bank, he leads a team of commercial and retail bankers from Belfast to Bethel, and Augusta to Kittery, addressing the diverse needs of businesses and communities. A Maine native and UMaine graduate, Jack has called Portland home for over 25 years and is deeply involved in the community. Serving as the volunteer Treasurer of the Portland Regional Chamber of Commerce, he brings a wealth of experience to nonprofit organizations like Rippleffect, Boy Scouts, and the American Heart Association. On the Ovations board, Jack seamlessly intertwines his business acumen with his  love and appreciation for the arts. A proud father of two grown children, Jack cherishes outdoor experiences with his energetic Labradoodle, Rosie, and contributing to the richness of his community-focused life.

Moon Machar

Nyamuon Nguany Machar (she/her)

Board Member since 2022

For a decade, Nyamuon (Moon) Nguany Machar has been a vigorous advocate for minority youth in mental health, currently contributing as a cultural strategist at Disability Rights Maine. Recognized with the Emerging Young Advocate Award from the Bazelon Center in Washington DC and the Diaspora Award from the Luol Deng Foundation in 2019, Moon’s impactful advocacy resonates deeply within our communities. As a spoken word poet, Moon inspires others to discover resilience in their voices. Serving as a teacher at The Telling Room in Portland, she empowers young minds through art and self-expression. An invaluable contribution to Ovations’ many communities, Moon’s unwavering passion is a testament to both artistry and inclusivity.

Susan Morris

Susan Morris (she/her)

Board Member since 2020

Susan V. Morris, hailing from Canada, intertwines her love for the outdoors and the arts in her everyday life. Residing in Portland’s East End, she regularly embraces the proximity to paddling, cycling, hiking, and participating in the vibrant local arts scene. As the Honorary Consul for Canada in Maine, Susan actively fosters cross-border collaboration, spanning trade, innovation, and arts and culture. Engaged in Maine’s entrepreneurial ecosystem, she applies her expertise in creating, adapting, and optimizing products, services, and spaces aligned with people’s lifestyles. Co-founder of NewHeight Group, a real estate development firm, Susan shapes urban residential projects, drawing from her extensive career with Marriott International and HQ/Regus Virtual Offices. 

Mary Noyes

Mary K. Noyes (she/her)

Board Member since 2009

Mary Noyes thrives within a family-built entrepreneurial legacy, shaped by two pioneering structures—Play-Doh and Aircast. Engaged with Steadman Philippon Research, Lindsey Vonn Foundation, The Aircast Foundation, ACL Study Group, UK Active Girls Healthy Woman, and Ovations, Mary contributes her passion and expertise to many diverse endeavors across medicine, empowerment of young women and the arts. Juggling roles as a mother of two daughters, Mary seamlessly navigates her time between the picturesque landscapes of Maine, Vermont, and Massachusetts while maintaining an active presence as an Ovations board member and supporter.

Dan Nuzzi

Dan Nuzzi (he/him)

Board Member since 2014

Daniel A. Nuzzi, a dedicated Portland resident and ardent arts advocate, practices law as a litigation attorney with Brann & Isaacson. Dan’s legal expertise extends to state and federal courts across Maine and the nation. Before pursuing law, he immersed himself in music, mastering the piano and accordion from an early age. Initiated by his grandmother, a silent movie pianist, Dan honed his skills through Berklee College of Music and the New England Conservatory of Music. His musical journey includes performances across New England, sharing stages with iconic acts like Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes, the J. Geils Band, and Steppenwolf. Presently, Dan remains an active participant in the local music scene, blending jazz and R&B with his seasoned talents.

Tania Powers

Tania Powers (she/her)

Board Member since 2017

Tania Powers, a passionate supporter of the arts, immersed herself in performing arts during her upbringing and has actively served on the Ovations Board of Directors since 2017. Her dedication centers on fundraising and event coordination, notably chairing Ovations’ annual POP Fundraiser. Tania’s professional journey led her through the bustling arts and culture scene in NYC, holding an economics degree from the University of Delaware and an M.B.A. from NYU’s Stern School of Business. Beyond Ovations, she contributes to Healthy Homeworks in Lewiston, focusing on accessible homeownership. Residing in Yarmouth with her family and spirited Corgi, Tania finds joy in outdoor adventures, whether in the mountains, on the water, or exploring new destinations with her loved ones.

Connor Smart

Connor Smart (he/him)

Board Member since 2023

Certified public accountant Connor Smart, rooted in Portland, Maine, proudly holds a degree from the University of Maine System. As a tax expert at Baker Newman Noyes, he specializes in providing invaluable services to non-profit, charitable, and tax-exempt organizations, managing compensation, employee benefits, and diverse tax matters. Beyond his financial expertise, Connor immerses himself in the arts, savoring jazz, poetry, and literature. A culinary enthusiast, he enjoys cooking, paddling, and staying tuned to public radio. Committed to a healthy lifestyle, he ventures on nature walks with his canine companion and collaborates on NYT Crossword puzzles with his wife, cultivating a well-rounded life beyond the financial realm.

April Ylvisaker

April Ylvisaker Tardiff (she/her)

Board Member since 2006

April Ylvisaker Tardiff, a devoted board member since 2006, revels in Ovations’ transformative journey over the years. Her profound commitment mirrors her role as a Senior Vice President of Investments and Wealth Management Advisor at Merrill Lynch, where she serves as the Resident Director for the Portland office. Recognized multiple times by Forbes, April brings financial acumen and enthusiasm to Ovations. Nestled in Manchester, Maine, she shares her life with her husband and two daughters. An avid skier, she finds solace at Sugarloaf during winter weekends, embodying the spirit of Ovations in both professional and personal pursuits.

Founders' Council

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Bruce Brown
Maria Chambers
Catherine H. Cloudman
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