Educator Workshops

Professional Development for Educators

Portland Ovations offers in-person and virtual professional development for educators working with grades PK – 12. 

These arts integration workshops are grounded in drama-based pedagogy, an embodied way of engaging students in academic, aesthetic and affective learning through theater and improvisation strategies. These sessions will help get your students up and moving in active and dramatic ways, create deeper engagement in the classroom, and provide strategies against burnout. They work best for up to 20 participants. Each workshop is 1-2 hours in length (unless otherwise noted) or can be linked together as a series. 

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Resilient and Creative Educators

This workshop series partners with Arabella Pérez, LCSW and Sarah Coleman, MFA to center self-compassion and resiliency through the arts. Using instructional techniques drawn from drama-based pedagogy, these workshops offer educators information on the impact of toxic stress on self and community and use embodied strategies to identify practices that promote resilience and self-compassion. These workshops can be presented in-person in two 2.5 hour sessions or virtually in five 1 hour sessions.

Active and Dramatic Classrooms

Using a variety of arts strategies, teachers will practice embodied ways to engage students, across all areas of the curriculum, in sharing their knowledge and perspectives. With each strategy, we’ll talk through the role of reflection, classroom management, and additional applications.

Building Classroom Community

This workshop shares arts integration activities focused on building community in your classroom with a new group of students. These drama-based strategies help students get to know each other, engage in movement, and have fun together.

Tableau in the Classroom

Through the use of image work strategies (stage picture, tableau, statues, etc.) teachers will discover the many ways to use these strategies across all areas of the curriculum. This session will focus on how to “read” the images created which support literacy development and deepens classroom engagement and discussion around the curriculum focus.

Vignettes of Knowledge

Through drama-based strategies teachers will learn how to create short “performances” that allow students to share unique experiences and perspectives with their classmates. This lesson plan can be used as a way to get to know students better, in connection with specific curriculum, or as a form of formative assessment.

Embodied Learning in the Multilingual/ELL Classroom

This workshop shares drama-based strategies that support language development in the multilingual or integrated classroom. It focuses on how to introduce strategies so all students can participate and share their knowledge through movement and verbal language.