Student Workshops

Workshops for Students

Portland Ovations offers in-school workshops for PK – 12th grade students to deepen engagement with the arts.  

These workshops are grounded in drama-based pedagogy, an embodied way of engaging students in academic, aesthetic and affective learning through theater and improvisation strategies. Workshops offer students an opportunity to engage more deeply with the performing arts they experience on stage, and to engage with classroom curriculum in an embodied way. Workshops are 1 – 2 hours in length and can be tailored to fit your specific classroom and curriculum. 

For information or to inquire about any of our Educator Workshops email:

Pre and Post-Show Workshops

Our pre and post-show workshops offer curriculum-connected engagement with a production to deepen students’ learning. Led by an expert teaching artist, these workshops offer students’ a chance to engage directly with the themes and historical context of the shows they see onstage to prepare. Workshops use drama-based strategies to get students up and moving, as well as reflective strategies to inspire discussion.

Some artists performing on our stages offer in-classroom pre and post-show workshops. Email to check a specific artist’s availability.

Stand-Alone Workshops

In addition to our pre and post-show workshops, Portland Ovations offers stand-alone in-classroom workshops for students. These lessons are an excellent way to integrate the arts into your classroom. Choose from one of our standard offerings below or email us to inquire about designing a lesson specifically for your classroom’s needs. All workshops are lead by an expert teaching artist.


This workshop guides students through the process of creating and performing their own short plays. Using writing prompts and active, drama-based strategies, this workshop explores character development, plot structure, and theatricality to encourage students to build on their own knowledge and experience in creating original works. While it is designed to fit within a classroom period, this workshop can be expanded to a 5 day in-depth exploration of playwrighting and revision. It can be customized to your curriculum. Suggested for 5th – 12th grade.

Telling Stories with Images

Activate your curriculum through storytelling. This workshop explores non-verbal storytelling through drama strategies like tableau. Students will create images with their bodies to convey simple and complex concepts and create their own clear narratives, promoting literacy development through active strategies, reflection, and discussion. This workshop is designed to be grounded in your curriculum and works best in English Language Arts, Science, and Social Studies classrooms. Suggested for 3rd – 8th grade.

Creative Movement for the Classroom

Get students up and moving with this workshop in creative movement. With individual, partner, and small group movement exercises, this workshop promotes collaboration and helps build a positive classroom culture. This workshop is designed with universal design in mind so that all students can participate regardless of ability. Suggested for PK – 5th grade.