A Time-Honored Commitment to the Performing Arts

We are a non-profit performing arts organization in Portland connecting artists and audiences through diverse arts experiences. Connections happen both onstage and off as we strive to make performing arts, theater, music, and dance an integral part of our community.

Our unique mix of live performances and more intimate workshops, lectures, masterclasses, and School-Time Performances have delighted, inspired, and educated since 1931. Our venues span historic and modern theaters, galleries, and classrooms to ensure the best possible experience for both you and the artists.

Join us, and be thoroughly entertained by live performances spanning the traditional to the contemporary, the popular to the unexpected.

Our Vision

To inspire a curious and imaginative community where the experience of the performing arts is a vital part of every day life.

Our Mission

Portland Ovations propels the artistic, social, educational and economic wellbeing of communities through the power of the performing arts.

Our Core Values

  • celebrates the power and brilliance of the performing arts.
  • commits to being anti-racist.
  • continues to evolve governance, operations, finances and programs to embody inclusivity, diversity, equity and access.
  • nurtures a staff, board and collective culture that is compassionate, committed and enthusiastic.
  • collaborates with other arts organizations, nonprofits, education systems and the business sector to promote lifelong learning through the arts.