March 23, 2020


Dear Friends and Supporters of Maine’s Cultural Community,

Like all parts of American society, Maine’s museums, libraries, and arts organization are mobilizing to respond to the coronavirus. We are working to keep our patrons, staff, and community safe; creating innovative ways to entertain, serve, and keep you connected; and doing our best to steward our organizations and plan the resumption of normal activities at a challenging moment for everyone.

We are writing to suggest one way that you can support our efforts.

Our national partners—including the American Alliance of Museums, American Library Association, and Americans for the Arts—are currently advocating for inclusion of cultural organizations in the COVID 19 Relief and Economic Stimulation package being negotiated in Washington NOW. They need our grassroots support.


Would you consider reaching out to your representatives in Washington (and Augusta) to ensure that support for cultural organizations is included in relief and economic stimulation

The message at this link summarizes the need in the nonprofit community:


Maine’s congressional delegation has been great champions of Maine’s cultural community—please be sure to thank them for their ongoing support.

Thank you for your continued dedication to the cultural fabric of our communities.

Children’s Museum & Theatre of Maine
Julie Butcher Pezzino, Executive Director

Portland Museum of Art
Mark H.C. Bessire, Director

Indigo Arts Alliance
Marcía Minter and Daniel Minter, Founders

Maine Association of Nonprofits
Jennifer Hutchins

Maine Historical Society
Steve Bromage, Executive Director

Portland Public Library
Sarah Campbell, Executive Director

Portland Stage Company
Anita Stewart, Executive & Artistic Director

Portland Symphony Orchestra
Carolyn Nishon, Executive Director

Portland Ovations
Aimée M. Petrin, Executive & Artistic Director

The Telling Room
Celine Kuhn, Executive Director


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