Riley Watts & Heather Stewart

Riley Watts is a Bangor-born dance artist based in South Portland, Maine. Riley received a BFA from The Juilliard School in 2007 and has since traveled the world extensively to teach and perform. His work is rooted in observing consciousness through motion, and is created using choreographic improvisation, video and digital media, sculpture, music and live installations.

Heather Stewart is a Canadian choreographer and founder of little house dance, a professional dance company based in Portland, Maine. Heather studied choreography at the London Contemporary Dance School and since 2012 has shown dance work in the USA, Canada, UK, Germany and Spain.

Riley & Heather’s Project

Hour Wolf (working title) is a collaborative project between dance artist Riley Watts and choreographer Heather Stewart/little house dance. Hour Wolf is a full length solo contemporary dance performance which explores mental illness and the physical mind. This work features music that was arranged by French composer Marc Bartissol, aka dull, shortly before his suicide in 2019. Hour Wolf is dedicated to Marc.