Kerem Durdag & Andy Happel

Mr. Durdag is currently the President and Chief Operating Officer of GWI, a leading broadband carrier in Maine. He has deep roots in theater and poetry, having translated Urdu and Turkish poetry while having his original poems published and having the good fortune of reading and performing in public.

Andy Happel is a concert violinist and fiddler who has shared the stage with symphonies, pop stars, and country music luminaries alike and leads the acclaimed student group, Scarborough Strings, and maintains a private teaching studio.

Kerem & Andy’s Project

Their project, SoulRoar is a musical theater project telling the epic story of two immigrants, one first generation and one second, who find themselves in the U.S. and over the course of lives lived make it their home. It is a story of finding love and self-identity in the midst of turbulence, joy, and revelation: of separation and loss and of the frustrations of confronting societal hurdles of ignorance and hate.