dee Clarke

Ms.Clarke is the founder of SurvivorSpeakUSA, an organization working to end sex trafficking and exploitation through elevating the voices of survivors, and bringing their stories to leadership positions where they can most affect change.

dee’s Project 

THE LAST GIRL is a three-act epic play that transforms Maine artist Dianne “dee” Clarke’s 2014 testimony to the Maine Human Rights Commission of her sexual trafficking as a child into young adulthood into a staged drama: one that brings to life the humanity of the many characters portrayed and gives voice and hope to the lives of survivors everywhere. On May 11, a group of local actors directed by René Goddess Johnson will read the conclusion of this drama, Act 3, in which dee adopts a false Asian persona and accent in order to “escape” from Boston’s Combat Zone to Maine with an immigrant man from China; and ultimately wins a struggle for her independence against further mental and physical abuse, using her own story to become an advocate for survivors of sexploitation.