Drag Storytime Series

Drag Storytime Series

Join Portland Ovations, our community partners, libraries, bookstores, and local Drag Queens Ophelia and Chartreuse Money for an hour of stories and art! Glamorous expert storytellers use the art of drag to read books and lead craft projects at local bookstores, libraries, and community centers around Portland. Kicking off our season for families, this fun, fabulous literary experience fosters learning and play, encouraging children and their caregivers to celebrate all kinds of difference in a creative and joyful space.

Are you curious about Drag and its impact on children’s education and self-esteem? We have answers to some essential questions about Drag Storytime:

What is Drag?
Drag is a multifaceted art form, a mode of self-expression, a source of entertainment, and a communal activity with deep cultural roots worldwide. It celebrates and challenges gender norms by highlighting both feminine and masculine features, offering a creative platform to explore and appreciate the spectrum of gender expression. Drag is an inclusive world where anyone can be a drag queen or king, irrespective of their everyday gender identity. It’s a vibrant celebration of gender diversity in all its forms.

How are Books Selected for Drag Storytime?
The selection process involves collaboration between Drag artists, local bookstores, the Equality Community Center, and Portland Public Library. Every book is chosen with care to represent diverse perspectives and stories suitable for children aged 2-5. During each one-hour session, Drag artists read multiple books, and some sessions include craft projects related to the stories’ themes.

Does Drag Storytime Have a Message?
Yes, and proudly so! The program aims to nurture literacy and self-esteem within a safe, creative, and joyful environment. Drag Storytime follows the principles of Drag Pedagogy, a teaching methodology emphasizing play, imagination, transformation, bravery, and community. These principles create a learning space where children can freely express themselves, fostering empathy, understanding of gender diversity, and creativity. It’s about inspiring children to imagine new possibilities and celebrating their uniqueness. These are among the many reasons why Ovations chooses to share Drag Storytime as part of our programming.

Suggested for ages 3+



How Can You Support Programs Like Drag Storytime?

There are numerous ways to support inclusive curriculum and programs like Drag Storytime. Here are some suggestions:

  1. Join Parent Organizations:If you’re a caregiver or family member of a K-12 student, get involved in your school’s parent organization. Advocate for inclusive programs and curriculum that promote diversity and acceptance.
  2. Support Your Local Library:Join your local library and champion diverse literature. Reading and advocating for a wide range of books helps resist censorship and ensures children have access to inclusive stories.
  3. Donate and Volunteer:Contribute your time and resources to organizations that advocate for LGBTQ+ rights in Maine, such as the Equality Community Center and EqualityMaine.
  4. Attend Drag Performances:Experience the magic of drag by attending performances and events in your community. Get to know your local drag queens and kings, such as Ophelia and Chartreuse Money.
  5. Explore the Arts:Immerse yourself in the vibrant world of the arts by checking out performances like those by the Curbside Queens and attending events hosted by Portland Ovations, like Sasha Velour’s “The Big Reveal Live Show!” at the State Theatre.

Embrace the power of Drag Storytime in nurturing creativity, acceptance, and celebration of diversity in our children’s lives. Join us in fostering a world where every child feels safe expressing who they are.