Our Stories – Celebrating Our Maine Artists

Last week we held a series of conversations around the five projects Ovations is commissioning by Maine-based artists. From dance to music and theater, from traditional to the contemporary – these five projects deeply explore a wide range of the creativity that makes Maine such a special and innovative place. You can still experience these conversations by clicking on the video icons below.

Each of our guests, choreographer and dancer Riley Watts, playwright and advocate dee Clarke, writers and musicians Kerem Durdag and Andy Happel, partner and educator Starr Kelly and musician/writer Samuel James shared their creative process; life stories and inspirations, and more about their projects. You can click on the artist names above to view their new webpages on the Ovations website.

Photo of Andy Happel and Kerem Durdag

Artists: Kerem Durdag & Andy Happel

What comes next? Over the next several months these artists will dive deep into their projects as their work continues to evolve and take further shape. Then in the late spring, Ovations will once again gather with these artists for more in-depth conversations and works-in-progress updates and viewings. Watching these projects develop together is testament to the arts’ ability to create community, even in these virtual times.

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