In Solidarity

Portland Ovations stands in solidarity with Black and brown artists, colleagues, and citizens in our communities and around the world. We join those who express outrage and grief for the killing of George Floyd, the too many who came before him and the centuries of injustice perpetrated upon people of color.

As an organization that has benefited from 89 years of privilege, we are committed to addressing our own accountability and to truly listen. We recognize we, and the arts, play an important role in dismantling systems of injustice and white supremacy.

Ovations is committed to supporting artists of color, treating people with compassion and equity, and partnering with organizations working to end injustice in our communities. As a performing arts organization, we will renew and strengthen our decade-long commitment to presenting and centering voices and stories from diverse cultures and stand with peoples of all colors, ages, genders, and backgrounds from our Maine and global artistic communities – sharing stories of struggle and inequality as well as resilience and beauty. We will join with and amplify voices dedicated to upholding equality and ending oppression. Systemic racism affects us all. No one, no place, is exempt.