Arts Integration at Home – People to People

Posted Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Today’s at-home activity, People to People, gets kids up on their feet and into their bodies. This activity allows them to a) move their bodies in improvisational ways and b) practice in the moment problem-solving.

Open the PDF linked below to see the directions for the activity – one set for caregivers/teachers and one set for kids who can read so they can do the activity independently



Siblings demonstrating elbow to elbow.


Siblings demonstrating head to head.


People to People is attributed to various sources. You can see a longer description of the activity in the link below from the Drama-Based Instruction website created by Drama for Schools at The University of Texas at Austin.

People to People:

Sarah Coleman, Portland Ovations Co-Director of Engagement l School Programs is a theatre educator, an arts integration specialist, and a former classroom teacher who has taught students in grades K – college as well as led professional development workshops for teachers around the country for over 15 years