We’re Here With You

Dear Friends,

Ours is one of the most vibrant, unique and culturally rich cities in the country. You, our creative and wholly engaged community – and the work of our many sister organizations, businesses and philanthropic entities – make this so. Ovations is more grateful than ever to be alongside you all.

While so many of us are struggling to find our footing in this moment, we are here for you, as I know so many of you are here for Ovations and each other. There are many needs right now. The impact on everyone is challenging. In this moment, and with open hearts, I urge you to believe in the power of the arts to nourish, comfort and lift us up. Please take this time for yourself and your family to find both solace and joy in favorite films, books, a poem, music or the streaming performances, videos and playlists we are sharing. We all need reminders of the beauty and quiet contemplation offered by art.

The eternal optimist in me knows we will get through this and trusts we will be stronger and more deeply connected for it. As has been the case through the ages, the arts can lead the way and will continue to sustain us, as individuals as well as our local and global communities. We are here with you: we stand by our nearly 90-year commitment of supporting our communal well-being through the arts.

We look forward to providing curated ways for you to digitally experience the inspirational and buoying power of the arts – until which time we can once again fully revel in the strength of coming together for live performances.

With deepest gratitude,


Aimée M. Petrin
Executive and Artistic Director