Russian National Ballet Performance Notes by Aimée Petrin

Dear friends: As we mark the time we would have been regaling in the majestic beauty of the Russian National Ballet, I am grateful to have this opportunity to share why we chose this production for Portland: story ballets are ideal for families and newcomers to dance alike. One’s first encounter with the great tradition of Russian ballet is a monumental moment in so many of our lives. Many of us remember our first Nutcracker or Swan Lake. For some, this sparked a lifelong love of dance and the arts.

As a nearly 90-year-old cultural organization, we have our roots in the classics yet are always stretching forward to more contemporary forms. This is especially true with dance, inspiring Ovations to Raise the Barre in its presentation of contemporary dance. This year and moving forward Ovations expands upon its commitment, creating more robust opportunities to experience, learn and gather around this ephemeral and visceral artform.

This week we’ll miss sharing with you the awesome pirouettes, leaps, lifts and pageantry that are hallmarks of the Russian ballet tradition. As exemplified in this video of the production we were to bring, may these visions dance in your heads in the days ahead, providing joy and comfort.

And may we all continue to find inspiration in the arts,

Aimée M. Petrin
Executive & Artistic Director