Malpaso Dance Company Performance Notes by Aimée Petrin

Dear Friends,

Inspired by dance lovers in our community, about a year ago we began to think about how to increase our commitment to the presentation of contemporary dance. This comes after more than a decade of consistently bringing to Maine no fewer than three high-caliber companies expressing a variety of aesthetics, styles, traditions, production scale and cultures. Collaborating with Bates Dance Festival, SPACE and the ICA, we’ve co-commissioned and given world premieres to new works. Yet we discovered there is an appetite for more: to strengthen dance-loving communities through more regular opportunities to socialize and learn. Together, we can Raise the Barre for contemporary dance.

We are blessed to have had Malpaso here for nearly a week. The company of charismatic dancers are perfect ambassadors for Raise the Barre. From a welcoming Salon with dance donors to a Cuban social dance for adults to multiple community dance masterclasses and a pre-performance lecture, we are honored to share numerous opportunities to engage, learn and experience – all with the goal of coming together to celebrate the beauty and power of contemporary dance.

This extended time with Malpaso is rare as the cost for such endeavors – made all the more complicated by the fact that these are Cuban artists and therefore not eligible for government funding – is great. Thankfully we have a strong core of dance devotees who show their support through their enthusiastic attendance, Ovations Membership and donations to Raise the Barre that help make this possible. We are immensely grateful for the support and vision of tonight’s supporters, Francesca Galluccio-Steele and Phil Steele.

If you are a dance lover, please consider making a designated gift and/or becoming an Ovations Member to sustain expanded engagement with and through contemporary dance. Together, we will Raise the Barre.

Let’s dance!

Aimée M. Petrin
Executive & Artistic Director