Left to Right: Julie Eglinton, Felix Morrissey, Amelia McNeil-Maddox, Sophie Urey, Ariel Leasure, Cat Bernier

Ovations Offstage is thrilled to introduce our inaugural class of Offstage Ambassadors. These six students were selected from high school applicants throughout the greater Portland area for this dynamic semester-long opportunity to learn first-hand the many facets of arts administration. Offstage Ambassadors will gain this real world experience through attendance at performances and participation in various Offstage events – including masterclasses, lectures, Q & As –to expand their understanding and appreciation of the performing arts. They will be exposed to the inner workings of a cultural non-profit through job shadows with our staff, and volunteering in various tasks. They will also help to promote the performing arts to their peers in their community, as well as learning to write a review of a Portland Ovations performance. Look for their contributions and more on Portland Ovations website and social media networks!

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Meet the Class:

Julie Eglinton
Julie EglintonCasco Bay High School • Year: 10
Julie Eglinton is a sophomore at Casco Bay High School connected to the arts through dance, music, and musical theater. She has studied jazz, contemporary, modern, hip hop, and ballet, as well as piano and clarinet, and has participated in musicals through school and in the community.

“The actress I admire and look up to is Christy Altomare because she gives time to fans online and in person at the stage door after the shows. She is genuine, kind, humble, and talented.”

Sophie Urey
Sophie UreyCasco Bay High School • Year: 10
Sophie Urey is a sophomore at Casco Bay High School who started performing at three years old and she’s loved performing ever since.

“I am constantly inspired by Phillipa Soo. Phillipa Soo has originated three original roles all before the age of 27. She is superbly talented in all aspects of performance. Phillipa Soo is also poised, graceful, humble, kind, and has THE BEST awkward dance moves in the world! She is a beautiful woman who always speaks her mind and also actively promotes a safer and more equal America.”

Amelia McNeil-Maddox
Amelia McNeil-MaddoxSouth Portland High School • Year: 10
Amelia McNeil-Maddox is a sophomore at South Portland High School who loves performing in the community and at school. She has training in voice, theater, and dance.

“Julie Andrews is one of my favorite performing artists for many reasons. One of the things I admire about her is how she is so successful in both movies and on Broadway, while most actors have one area they are much stronger in. She also has a way of becoming a character so convincingly that while watching her act, it is almost impossible to think of her as anyone but her character. Her voice also moves me, and because my range is similar to hers, whenever I hear her sing I hope to sound like her when I am older.”

Felix Morrissey
Felix MorrisseyPortland High School • Year: 11
Felix Morrissey is a junior at Portland High School who plays the trombone in the jazz band and violin in the orchestra at Portland High School.

“One of my favorite performing artists is Kevin Barnes, the head (and often sole member) of the band of Montreal. He is able to make complex, diverse sounding music with crazy lyrics. I find it interesting to see how he performs it live due to how he lacks the ability to use multitrack recording.”

Catherine Bernier
Catherine BernierDeering High School • Year: 11
Cat Bernier is a junior at Deering High School, a singer and actor who has performed with many choirs as well as Opera Maine.

“I am particularly moved by the opera singer Cecilia Bartoli because of her incredible vocal control and talent.”

Ariel Leasure
Ariel LeasurePortland High School • Year: 11
Ariel Leasure is a junior at Portland High School and an accomplished vocalist who sings at school and with a chorus at USM.

“My favorite experience with a live performance was from when I was twelve and I went to see Wicked on Broadway. Seeing Wicked on Broadway was so memorable because it was my first Broadway show.

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