The Kingdom Choir

https://youtu.be/pJjLCvoEFYU “...their vocal power and ecstatic harmonies make for spine-tingling moments...” - The Guardian They say you shouldn’t upstage a bride on her big day, but luckily the Kingdom Choir didn’t get the memo. Their show-stopping performance of “Stand By Me” was the highlight of 2018’s Royal Wedding between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, [...]

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Pre-Performance Lecture: “The Trans-Atlantic British Influence on African Music” Free, public lecture before The Kingdom Choir

Were you awed by Kingdom Choir’s ethereal performance of “Stand By Me” at the royal wedding of Britain’s Prince Harry to Meghan Markle last year? Prior to the Choir’s performance, explore the history and British origins of this iconic song within the context of the African “call and response” tradition in the creation of gospel [...]

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Public Lecture: “The Gospel in Gospel Music” Free, public lecture following "The Freedom Walk"

Why did enslaved Africans sing with so much emotion and spirit? As a form of resistance to captivity, enslavement, and oppression. Gospel music was the safest way to express the pains and hopes of enslaved Africans in the United States. Reverend Kenneth L. Lewis will discuss what makes Gospel Music Gospel Music, as well as [...]

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The Freedom Walk

To welcome Kingdom Choir and better understand their musical selections, presentation, and history join us for a walk along Portland’s Freedom Trail lead by artist Daniel Minter, Reverend Kenneth Lewis, Alain Nahimana, and Portland City Councilors(s) Jill C. Duson & Pious Ali, concluding with an engaging talk by Reverend Lewis. What is the “gospel” in gospel [...]

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