Classical Indian Dance

By: June Vail June Vail How is it that our species has created such lively and varied music and dance traditions, with just the standard equipment—two arms, two legs, a torso and a head? We respond to—and produce—rhythms and movement from profoundly human needs. While I was teaching courses in dance and cultures [...]


Dear Friends, By now you’ve likely heard the President’s proposed federal budget calls for elimination of the National Endowment for the Arts, the National Endowment for the Humanities, the Institute of Museum and Library Services, and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. NEA funding is vital to Ovations and the entire arts sector here in Portland, [...]

Which musical would you star in?

It's show time. Musicals—possibly the only genre where an exclamation mark in the title is definitely a good thing. Here the staff at Portland Ovations answers the question: If you were to star in one musical what would it be and why?   Aimée Petrin Executive Director If I were to star in a musical [...]